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  • Knowledge is the New Gold eBook
  • Find Your Topic Masterclass
  • Bestselling Online Course Topics
  • 20 ways you can monetize your knowledge
  • Money Mindet Mastery Masterclass
  • Test your Course Sales Masterclass
  • 300 Profitable Markets


Abimbola Balogun

Creator, Building Great Teams

I co-founded SoFresh, the pioneer healthy food company in Nigeria and to date we have grown to 10 outlets with over 150 employees within the space of 10 years. I decided to teach other entrepreneurs how we built a great team and this is why I signed up to Stephanie's CLD programme. In 3 months, I launched my course and started launching other products. So far, 35 people have taken my online course. Many of my students have completely realigned their company's purpose with the right HR strategy. Mission statements have been revamped and they have scaled in number and impact. I'm so proud of the impact my courses have been able to achieve.

Glory Edozien (PhD)

LinkedIn Visibility Expert

In 2020, during the Pandemic, my business grew. I took on so many one on one coaching clients and on some days I would have 3, 2 hour coaching sessions with female executives. I was exhausted. After coaching for 6 hours straight, sometimes even 8 hours, I wouldn't want to talk to another human being. All I did was coach and eat in between. Before I knew it, my friendships started to suffer and I gained so much weight, I became embarrassed to leave the house. My mum came to stay with me and complained bitterly about my long working hours and about my incredible weight gain (you can trust our African mothers). What was so painful was when I looked at my account I couldn't really justify the long hours per se. I was working very hard but I was burnt out and I wasn't happy. So I decided to work with Stephanie Obi. To date, this online course has earned over $30k and it's still selling.

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